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Increase user adoption and find insights faster. It's all center stage with your branded analytics portal.

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Create a Home for Analytics

Portals for Tableau makes it easy to craft a website that beautifully brings all your analytics together. Whether you’re looking to embed a dashboard, add advanced features to enhance your audience’s workflow or seamlessly organize your content, a Portal elevates the analytics experience. With easy-to-use controls, Portals for Tableau is the no-code solution for putting the spotlight on your analytics.

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Increase User Adoption

By ramping up your focus on branded and intuitive design, you will increase user adoption and engagement. Portals for Tableau is the solution for helping your users get more from their analytics by making it easier to find and share their insights. In fact, Portals garnered Tableau’s Innovative Solution, Americas award for its proven technology and value.

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We Are Data People

InterWorks is more than a Portal company. We’re a technology consulting company that focuses on the point where people meet tech. Using this people-focused approach, we’ve helped the biggest of the big and the smallest of the small companies to organize, process, compute and display their data in a manageable format. Whether it’s asking about a technical piece of setup or getting advice on layout and design, we’re here to support you beyond the product. You can find out more about InterWorks as a whole over on our company's main website

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Showcase Demo

This demo features a highly stylized theme and a landing page that encourages exploration. This site also includes the following features:

  • Explorer Homepage
  • External Widget Integration
  • Tableau Story Point "Scrolly-telling"
  • D3 Integration

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Basic Demo

This demo consists of a more generic styling in the Portal. Containing nearly every demo dashboard we have, this one is chock-full of features. Take a look at the list below for more detail:

  • Customizable Menu Structure
  • Light Styling
  • Multiple Reporting Platforms
  • Report Builder

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This demo site displays what a single company's data might look like in a lightly styled demo. With dashboards for a fake retail company called "Light.io", this is a great demo to see how easily you can nudge your audience towards finding the right content while still giving them freedom to explore.

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