Pre-Installation Checklist

The information on this page only pertains to InterWorks installing a portal on your server. If you don't want to mess with any of these pesky details, we'll be happy to host it on our servers for you!

Architecture Brief

A Portal consists of one application. This application communicates and relays information to & from your Tableau server, surfacing visualizations and running security checks to ensure consistent privacy. There is extensible functionality such as data management & validation, script management, and others not listed here – all of those additional features do not require any additional applications.

Server Setup

Gain access to, and administrative privileges for the Portal webserver

We will need access to a server to install the Portal application. This can be either Linux or Windows (See Server Specifications document for more information)

Remote access to the server

We will need access to the server you have identified in the item above - preferably either SSH or RDP access. If this access is only available via your company's VPN please start working on InterWork's access to your VPN as soon as possible to avoid idle time during installation. If this is not possible, please notify us immediately and we will find an alternate installation path.

Check network access to Download Sites

The installation and update files will be distributed via and which are sometimes blocked by on-site network security.

Marketing materials

Logos, color palettes, marketing style guide and any other stylistic elements you will want to add to the portal

Server backup plan

Ensure you have a backup plan in place to recover your server in case any unforeseen issues are encountered.

Open port 80 or 443 to handle browser traffic

Users will access content over these portals. If your portal will be using SSL (https), we will also need a certificate for the server.

Navigation structure

Pre-plan your menu structure, and how you’d like users to navigate to each workbook. This can be configured with either a top "dropdown-style" navigation or a "side-bar" navigation.

Tableau Server Service Account

We will need to provide a system administrator service account that can run administrative tasks on Tableau Server. This user should be at least a Site admin (single-site only), or Server admin.

Authentication: SAML or Trusted ticketing (recommended)

You can set up trusted ticket authentication from your Tableau server to the Portal. For this, you will need the IP address for the server that your Portal will be installed on. More information on those steps here:

If your Tableau Server is using SAML, start collecting the metadata needed to connect to these systems. The SAML endpoint can be configured identically to Tableau Server, except the destination (ACS) url.

Admin List (optional)

Provide a list of users and e-mails that will require administrative access to the portal itself