Windows Apache Installer

  1. Download Server Setup MSI

Download the installer for Windows by clicking here and execute.

Follow the instructions on the Windows installer and you'll be able to get everything set up!

If you have an offline installation, please see step #2.

Otherwise, open http://localhost/install.php in a browser and finish the setup.

  1. Offline Install (optional)

    We realize not all servers have outside network access. After you have run the standard installer in step #1 above, then simply place the offline installation package in your htdocs folder. Update config/database.php, then run artisan october:up to finalize the setup.

  2. Other Information

Webroot: C:\InterWorks\htdocs

HTTPD Config: C:\InterWorks\web.conf

PHP.ini: C:\InterWorks\php.ini

Start Process: C:\InterWorks\start.bat (Also desktop shortcut)

Stop Process: C:\InterWorks\stop.bat (Also desktop shortcut)

Apache Location: C:\InterWorks\libs\Apache24

Database Location: C:\InterWorks\ libs\MariaDB

PHP Location: C:\InterWorks\libs\PHP

  1. Error Logs

Apache: C:\InterWorks\httpd_errors.log

PHP: C:\InterWorks\php_errors.log

Installation MSI: C:\InterWorks\install.log

  1. SSL/Certificates

Needs SSL? Put the certificates in the “certs” folder, modify web.config (there is a placeholder for the SSL section) and stop/start the service.